Become a teacher and show your skills, while making money

Become a teacher

Advantages of being a teacher

  • Record your own course

    Record your own course

    Use a camara, webcam or phone. Record yourself in small segments. Be careful with the sound and edit the result. We will teach you how.

  • Make your brand stronger

    Make your brand stronger

    Write your own blog at Tutellus. Create your own space. We will promote it in order to get you new users.

  • Earn money by teaching

    Earn money by teaching

    We will give you all the tools you will need to publish and promote your course without fees. You will receive 70% of the sales, always.

Metrics of your courses

Keep track of the main metrics of your courses (Conversion, Recurrence, Advance...) and make your own conclusions to improve your relationship with both current students and potential new users.

Keep track of your profits

You will get a "wallet" to keep track of your earnings and find out the best channels for your courses.

Coupons, Affiliates and Promos

Use the services at your disposal to create a bigger community and find new users. The more you use it, the better it will work.

Interacting with your community

Each course is its own universe with students wanting to interact with you. Help them and they will help you get new users through the recommendation system.

Our teachers give their opinion on Tutellus

Sergio Fernández
Sergio Fernández

Tutellus is revolutionizing the way we teach and learn. It is easy, intuitive and has a great support team. Without any doubt the best platform I know. 100% recommend

David Sevilla
David Sevilla

I heard of Tutellus from my mother, and I paid them a visit at their offices. They have helped me a lot with the programming courses, and one day I want to be as good a programmer as Javier Ortiz.

Dany Campos
Dany Campos

Tutellus grants me the tools I need to bring my material to all users. Thanks to its interface and the people making it work, I now have extra monthly income!

Eva García
Eva García

In Tutellus, I found the perfect tool to launch my course, reaching potential students. It is really easy to use the platform and its services.

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